This Rainbow Smoothie Recipe Tastes Like Heaven in a Glass

This Rainbow Smoothie Recipe Tastes Like Heaven in a Glass {Recipe}

Every summer, I love grilling out in the backyard. Sometimes I just grill out with my husband and my kids, but other times, I throw a party for our friends and neighbors. Usually when it’s just us and the kids, we have homemade lemonade. But when we invite people over, I want to impress, so I try to make some kind of creative cold beverage. Lemonade’s a classic, but I want to go above and beyond, you know?

This year that quest has led me to learn something new: how to make smoothies. I have discovered a couple of great recipes already, like this 2-minute watermelon smoothie and this antioxidant smoothie. But now I have found something even better — a recipe that looks as incredible as it tastes!

This recipe is awesome for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is visually astonishing. All those layers are beautiful to look at and so enticing! Secondly, drinking it is a lot of fun. Since it is layered, you get one flavor at a time. You can even layer it up so that your favorite layers are at the bottom — dessert at the end of your dessert, if you will.

This one has been a big hit with the kids. They’ve had fun shopping for ingredients with me and helping me pick the layers. What’s great is that if your kids are fussy, they will all love this smoothie. Everyone gets what they want. Susie wants strawberry and Bobby wants banana? You can serve them both in one glass!

I have yet to serve rainbow smoothies at a barbecue, but I’ve got one planned for next week. Considering how well these have gone over with my family, I just know that my guests are going to love every layer of fruity, refreshing goodness!