These 25 Genius Rubber Band Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

These 25 Genius Rubber Band Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier - Brilliant ideas!

I have never been one to waste anything. If I find a rubber band or a paperclip or a penny in the parking lot, I pick it up and take it home. All the rubber bands I have accumulated over the years are in a drawer in my kitchen. I use them for a few things — closing bags and the like — but most of them stay right where they’re at. I never seem to find as many uses for rubber bands as I think I will. And that’s despite collecting rubber band hacks.

All of that is about to change. I just found a really awesome video on YouTube which taught me a bunch of new rubber band hacks, and some of them are just amazing. I especially love the one for keeping your iPhone from sliding around in the car (check out another awesome iPhone hack here). I’ll be so glad to have that problem solve on my next road trip.

There really are a huge number of awesome ideas packed into this video. A lot of these are things that should be obvious, but I just never thought of them (the iPhone hack being a prime example)! Now that I’ve seen this, I am going to go through and watch everything on Japanese Lifehacker’s channel. And I am definitely not going to give up on my habit of collecting rubber bands wherever I find them. I am going to be using these things a lot more now!