9 Genius Uses for Lego Bricks That Will Astound You (#5 Is My Favorite)

9 Genius Uses for Lego Bricks That Will Astound You (#5 Is My Favorite)

When I was a kid, I loved playing with Lego bricks. I must have owned a thousand of them.

As an adult, I only love them more. I never threw out a single brick. I only added to my collection as I got older. I developed the time and patience to build the really awesome collector sets only as I got older. A true Lego enthusiast never outgrows the world’s best toy. I must have a million Lego bricks now. My kids of course love them too.

Previously, I’ve shared some cool Lego projects with y’all — for example this cool technique for making concrete nesting tables. And then there were the gummy Lego bricks — yes, edible Lego.

Now I have something else cool to share: 9 incredible and surprising Lego hacks for around the house!

  • A door stop
  • A magnetic paperclip holder
  • A phone holder
  • A wired charging dock
  • A wireless charging dock (this one is my favorite)
  • A flower pot
  • A mount for an external hard drive
  • Coasters for drinks
  • A miniature chess set which is perfect for traveling

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It’s just crazy that all of that can be packed into one short video, but the instructions are quite clear and thorough. I have already built a couple of the easier projects, and am getting ready to work on the wireless charging dock. Lego bricks really are amazingly versatile. I am so stoked I found this. I hope you enjoy it too!