7 Surprisingly Easy DIY Ways to Get Rid of Ants at Home

7 Surprisingly Easy DIY Ways to Get Rid of Ants at Home {Video Tutorials}

When summertime comes around, there is nothing quite like celebrating with family and friends out in the backyard. The smell of barbecue wafting around …; the hot sun …; the dappled shadows of the leaves …; the buzz of cicadas. There’s nothing like it! But summer also means ants. And ants love my cookouts. I of course do not love the ants.

Every year I have tried to come up with creative solutions to deal with our unwanted guests, but nothing I have done has ever worked out. I get rid of a few here and there and they are quickly replaced by reinforcements. I am feeling more optimistic about this year’s cookout, though, because I just learned some new pest control hacks — and some of them are genius.


This video teaches you 7 different tricks for getting rid of ants both in your house and in your yard. A few of these I was already familiar with, but others I never would have thought of — like the one with the brick and the hose. I am particularly stoked about the outdoor tricks, because they should be just what I need for our summer cookouts. The indoor tricks look really great too. Hopefully this year I can keep the ants out of my house altogether, but at least if I spot a trail, I will know just what to do.

Do you have any cool tricks for getting rid of ants? Share with us in the comments!